Can't run ogre animation

I have a file with a cube that has animation. it works fine when I open and run the animation with Blender, but when I open and run the cube animation in exported ogre (.mesh.xml) file with the scene compressor it doesn’t work…

My blend file:

My .mesh.xml and .skeleton.xml file: ( I dont know why .material file is not created )

I’m using:
blender v2.67
blender2ogre 0.6.0

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks to @Mechanatrix for the helps, now I know what’s the problem.
The problem was my .mesh.xml file was not exported correctly.

But still I couldn’t find the solution for this

Ah, I see whats wrong. I opened this in blender and exported the xml files again, but redid the animation. For whatever reason, in your original skeleton.xml, the rotation angles for each keyframe are set to 0.0.

how do I fix it?

It might have to do with the way you’re inserting keyframes, what’s your process for that?

If you open up the dope sheet in another window for your original model, you’ll see that your animation uses euler angles, rather than quaternions. Not sure if this is it, and when inserting the frame, I select whole character (covers every deformation). (My version of blender is different than yours though, so this could be something else entirely)

I only select the bone every time when I insert the keyframe.

Wow you’re right. This what my .mesh.xml file looks like: (cropped)

Now I know what’s the problem, but I still couldn’t find a way to fix it…

@normen I tried making the animation as same way as described in wiki, but it didn’t change anything…

Why don’t you try importing the blend directly?

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Ah, if you look at your animation’s start and end frames, it begins at one and ends at 9. Your last key frame is located at frame 10. Try moving the end over one frame and exporting again

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thanks @normen and @mechanatrix for the help, :smile:
now I use .blend file for the animation and not using .mesh.xml file anymore because its more easier to create an animation, I didn’t know if you could make animation with .blend file :stuck_out_tongue: