Can't run properly game after 3.1 Inside the IDE

After the 3.1 update i can’t manage to run the game from the IDE, the gui node seem to be missing, or something like the viewport at the wrong place(Out of bound). (But I can build and compile and run from distributable).

If this is a know issue then I will delete de post!

Thank for the hard work on the engine!

You’ve provided several interpretations of what you think might be happening… but you haven’t actually described what IS happening.

What makes you think the GUI node is missing?

Be careful to describe what is actually happening in posts as speculation is way less useful. (One could argue that if you were accurately able to speculate what is happening then a post wouldn’t be necessary. ;))

The gui node is invisible, but Once build and Distributed the gui node is all fine and visible when i run the distributable.

What do you have in the gui node?

See, the only thing that would really affect this is if your assets are not being found in the IDE but are in deployment. Else there is no runtime difference between the environments. (Or you are just hitting the wrong versions of jars or something more catastrophic.)

I have my main menu, and the Game stats (fps and texture number and post process) are not visible and they should be, I have a blue sphere and it s not visible. The whole viewport seem to be out of place, the game is running fine, i can ear the music play. And all this only seem to happen when running the game from the IDE. The game run but I can’t see anything.

I did a new project and it seem to work fine, so it most have something to do with old jme 3.0 project

An other thing is, if i remove everything from my game, and i only leave the main app running the application with nothing to draw, i should at least see the Game stats from the engine.

edit: I found the error, it seem to be files from previous version not compatible…
One of the following

Sorry for the waste of time

Create a new project and copy the src folder - thats the safest way.