Can't save addition of new models in Scene Composer


when I want to add new models to my scene in Scene Composer I right-click the model in the file browser and choose “Add in Scene Composer”.

It adds it to the scene, I can see it in the tree and on the scene. However, when I save it and reload it, the new model is gone.

When I add other stuff like lights it saves it correclty.

Both the scene and the model are j3o files converted from .obj.

I’m on Windows XP and using the latest build.

Any solution for this yet?

Cant reproduce and never heard of this problem, you have to press the ‘save all’ button, maybe you were saving something else or missing an exception when you save?

Edit: Where is the model you add? It has to be in the assets folder too.

I did save all. As I said, when I added a light, it saved it.

The model I want to add is in a sub folder of Models while the Scene is simply in Models.

Got it to work.

I guess my mistake was trying to add a model to a model and not a model to a scene.

When I created a new scene I could combine everything and save properly.

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