Can't save terrain made with the terrain editor

Using JMonkey 3.3
I can create a j3o file, and use the terrain editor to make a terrain. But when I save it, it doesn’t save the terrain. The j3o file is there with a ‘Scene Root’ node, and you can see the terrain nodes in the Scene Explorer below that. But you can’t load the terrain into a game Node, and worse, when you exit out of the game ( even after save-all ), the j3o file is empty - no terrain. It is like the save system doesn’t think there is anything attached to the Scene Root in the j3o file.

I’ve seen this bug come up before in this forum, but many years ago, so i assume it is fixed. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried renaming a node, or adding a light and deleting it, to make the save buttons appear. The status bar will say that the j3o has been saved, but it isn’t.

Did you press the save button at the topof the sdk, or did you press ctrl-s?

I remember losing terrain save progress in the past from only doing one. So I am now in the habit of pressing both ctrl-s as well as the visible save button in the sdk when im saving a scene with terrain.

I’ve tried ctrl-S, the save button and save-all button, the File Menu Save. None of it will save the terrain. In fact I can click the save-all button, and it will become greyed, but the save button is still active. Which doesn’t make sense.

The only thing I can do to save the terrain is to select another j3o in the project window and then i will get a popup: “scene has not been saved. Do you want to save it? Yes/No”. That works. Nothing else does. Unless it is just my installation, I would say this is a bug in 3.3.0.

IIRC I had a similar issue with the SDK terrain editor.

I have the same bug, sometimes it saves & sometimes it does not, but to overcome this just close the scene & then press yes, that would save the scene, but you have to open it again to continue work.