Can't Set Animations (Solved)

Hello, I’m trying to learn JME and so far it’s been a real hell. The forum search from the previous version of the site was ok and helped me get through some initial problems. Now the search is utter trash. The IRC channel is dead. I know I’m doing something wrong along the blender-to-JME export process because the code I’m using is trivial. I need help pin-pointing that spot along the way. Here is the project: Dropbox - Error and here is the blend: Dropbox - Error I’ve appended the same character 3 times into a blend file and exported that to an ogre scene. Within blender everything works fine including animations. When I convert the scene to a j3o, parse it and try to set the character animations, they don’t change. I also can’t set the animations within the scene composer. JME tells me that the animations do exist.

Any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

Pic for motivation.

Edit: Big thanks to Roah in the IRC. Problem was in blender, I had to delete unused tracks and star the one used.