Can't use Physics Controls?

Hi! I’m new to jMonkey and have been doing the beginners tutorials. I got to the one called HelloCollision today, which deals with the bullet physics package. My problem is this: the com.jme3.bullet.control package seems to be missing all of it’s controls except for the PhysicsRagdollControl. I checked the library file and sure enough, in the com/jme3/bullet/control directory, there is only the PhysicsRagdollControl. I need several other controls that should be packaged with this application.

I’m running a Macbook running MAC OS X. I downloaded jMonkeyPlatform Alpha 3. Surely it comes with these parts of the physics library? Any help would be awesome! I’m really excited about developing with jMonkey.



The wiki is for the svn version, either update to latest nightly (see Manual-F1) or use the tutorials in the Manual, they are for the alpha-3 version.

Ahh… That would do it. Thank you very much!