Canvas -> Swing focus

Ok I have my application in a canvas in Swing window (JFrame).

As far as I understand, when I click on canvas, it gets focus and I can move cam around and everything. The problem is, I have some shortcuts set for menus in JFrame and they don’t work when canvas is in focus. Any ideas of how to make this work? :slight_smile:

That doesn’t really help me… :confused:

Still can’t move cam around in canvas and use keyboard shortcuts from swing menu in the same time (I can only use those shortcuts if I click again on main JFrame window)…

I guess you might have to disable input through jME and use standard AWT inputs?

Hmm I don’t really want to disable JME input, I just want to forward some of it to AWT input (at least keyboard combinations for shortcuts). Any idea? :slight_smile:

You could create an implementation for RawInputListener that would somehow forward the inputs to AWT …