Capping fps and other question

Well, as you stated that is the purpose of FixedFramerateGame. SimpleGame renders as fast as possible, as it is used for many things including rough performance indications. When we make a change that causes max framerate to jump from 500 FPS to 1000 FPS, we wouldn't be able to view this if it was throttled to 100 fps. If you don't like this, what I would suggest doing is making your own FixedSimpleGame, extend FixedFramerate and just cut and paste the SimpleGame items. It should take no more than 30 mins to get working.

I'll take a look at the doc target and see why it's not working.

doc works fine from command line (appart from the 403 warnings from poor documentation, cough). Are you running the doc target inside Eclipse or on the commandline?

im running build.xml inside eclipse.<br /> right-click then i run as ant build.<br /> <br /> I cant think what sort of setup issue it could be, and why things compile correctly yet javadoc is messed up is a strange happening...moreover why the built-in eclipse generator works is beyond me.<br /> <br /> as for the fixed rate stuff....I completely see your point now, Ill try and get that setup for myself.

I wonder, when i get a FixedSimpleGame sorted out would it not be worth including in the cvs for people like me who dont want to thrash there hardware, yet still want to stay in SimpleGame for a little while, at least until they feel totally comfortable with the basics. Heck, even more grand a move would be to add a little field to the popup dialog box that would let people set the fps cap at runtime.

i`m probably going off on a tangent but anyway thx for the reply.

Sure, if you come up with something good post it in the user code forum and we'll see if we can include it. It sounds like a good idea.

ok so i went ahead and posted what i rigged up in the user code section.

It does what i wanted it to do…

hope you guys can take a look and give me some feedback…think i could learn alot that way.

here`s the link to the post

ps…mojo, anymore thoughts on that javadoc issue?