Capt Baines Android Game Made by JME 3.1

Hi All,

Introducing Capt Baines a new android game made with Jmonkey engine 3.1. It started off with 3.0 but had to wait for 3.1 which brought performance improvements especially on mobile devices.

Capt Baines is simply a flying game. The objective of the game is to fly into rings target. As the game progresses the rings are further apart and the airplane airspeed increases. Player gains more points and fuels as he achieve a five stars.

The project is still in alpha stage.
Anyone who wants to have a look I have shared the play store link below

Screen Shots:

Video clip:



Well done!
Could you share some screen shots maybe?

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Thanks will do.

Very good and very well done.
It looks very good.

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Great stuff. Would like some feedback (and if so, would you like it here, or somewhere else)? I’ve played the game some while going here or there, and I’d love to provide some.

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@minifigmaster125 I would love to get your feedback. You can add it here. Thanks

Sure thing. As it stands, you tilt the phone and reach some maximum degree of turn. I feel that
a) the phone is not sensitive enough (or rather, it is sensitive in a linear format)
b) being able to go up and down would be fantastic (I feel like you know this already)
c) I should be able to control the speed

To address (a), I would have the phone tilt change the angle of tilt in a curve (exponential or something) as opposed to linear. That way, if I wanted dramatic turns, I could tilt the phone significantly, and if only very minor adjustments, only slight tilt. I just feel like linear would be too significant one way or the other.

If you came up with a score mechanic, you might be able to deal with © I feel like I can complete the first set of rings much faster, but it is boring if you control the speed. Let me do it, so that I can be risky and accomplish more in less. Let your score be a function of how many rings he passed through as well as how fast he did it. This way, risky or more experienced players can achieve a higher score by moving quickly, so they can get to the hard parts.

Let me know if anything needed more explanation.

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Thanks for you feed back.
Controlling the vertical elements using the mobile accelerometer has been a challenge but i am sure i will hack it. The challenge is getting the neutral position to fly level.
On controlling speed, as the game progresses the plane speed increases and it becomes hard to hit all the targets at a higher speed.
The player can gain bonuses to control speed, either to be more risky and increase speed for a moment or play safe and decrease speed to ensure he hits all the targets.

Will work on the controls to make them more non linear and improve them generally.

Cool. For the neutral position, (you are probably already doing this) how about keeping a dead zone, so “neutral” actually tolerates a little tilt here or there?

Great idea, i think will do that. Thanks