Capture from another Jadestone tech/gameplay demo

A year ago, before starting to work on Hockey Challenge(the demo shown at GDC), we made another tech/gameplay demo called Spirits.

Here's an ingame capture from it:


Uglier but faster version on youtube:

Woah, the screen shots look awesome!

I can't watch the movie at work though  :frowning:

is that really jme?  :-o

awsome!  :wink:

And it was created using jME… of course.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course! Don't leave home without it :wink:

Really awesome. :)  When's this one getting released? :wink:

Can we put up shots in the showcase?

Thats looks great!

Can we put up shots in the showcase?

sure... considering they were up before this post appeared. ;)

Ok smart guy.  ;)  Haven't looked there since yesterday.

Damn, this is awesome! You guys have a great art department too.  :slight_smile:

uploaded it on youtube as well:

my my… what's left for us, mere mortals?

Pro, pro, pro.



This is awesome, it also was well recieved in the cool demo videos shown at JavaOne (thanks to Renanse for his presentation, too)!

Really shows what JME is capable of. And Spirits is similar to what I want to implement, so it increases my hope it is doable. :slight_smile:

May I highjack the thread to ask for more information? Such as…

  • What kinds of features are you aiming at? (effects? terrain size? enemy AI? multiplayer?)

  • The kite flying looks great -- Does it have other ways of movement like climbing or swimming? Any tips?

  • How many people worked on it for how long to reach this stage?

  • I tried the water effect once and it slowed the game down too much to keep it -- was it just me or did you do anything special? (Or do you have a better graphic card?)

  • Assuming you use collision detection on the ground (as opposed to setting the character position to its loc's terrain height) -- How did you make the characters walk smoothly? (I don't mean the animation.) Do you use a bounding sphere or box?

PS: Removed part of the question and copied a partial answer to here
  1. since it's not an active project we're not "aiming" at all at the moment :wink: we had multiplayer working as well(aside from what you saw in the video)
  2. currently it has flying(with lots of adjustable parameters), walk/run and swimming
  3. 2-3 programmers and 3 artists for about 3-4 months(we actually made a flash game first but abandoned it and had to speedcode this s)
  4. the projected water is pretty heavy but the flat quad one is quick enough. as in any game you need to have settings for falling back to ugly versions on slow comps
  5. we did the simple physics ourselves, with a simple terrain height vs player y-position collision test when walking on terrain, and ODE(jme physics) for collision against meshes(just using the collision feedback from ode and not the physics simulation).

can you give us an approximate description of the hardware the capture was made on?

it was very much fillrate bound, and ran at about 30fps on a laptop with a geforce 6800 go at 1920x1200(used when demoing it)