Capture the mouse in an applet?

First question on these forums! Yay! Anyway I’m making a simple applet that features mouselook. The user clicks on the applet to capture the mouse and presses escape to release it.

According to this page…

jMonkeyEngine SDK: Application Deployment :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

…that isn’t possible. I’m sure there is a way, but have no idea what it is. Anyone done this or know how?

PS: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot.

Hello and welcome to the jMonkeyEngine!

I think the issue, is that browsers do not support this, and not much we can do about that (i could be wrong as i’m just guessing)

I think the problem lies in the java applet itself.

I believe I have played some unity game (unity player), where the mouse was captured that way, but I dont think its possible in java, yet.

What about the Minecraft applet? Basically I’m wanting to do just that.

I did some searching and mad a list of sources that could allow someone to create there own logic for capturing the mouse in an applet.


Robot.mouseMove(x, y)