Capture the Screen and use it without saving the captured picture?

Hi I want to make my own motion blur effect but as you know blur only works if there’s many screens appearing in once, so I’m wondering if you could capture the screen and use it without saving it.

Is it possible?


how do I use the Captured Screen?

This is a complicated topic. If you simply try to capture the screen (copy it) every frame then it will be too slow. Instead you probably want to cycle through some render targets or something and leave as much on the GPU as possible.

…all of which are probably covered in articles on motion blur. Google is your friend here.

Then when you know specifically what OpenGL features you are trying to access you can ask more specific questions about where in the engine to do this.

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thanks @pspeed for the suggestion :smile:
I will learn more about OpenGL

Well, specifically you want to be learning about “motion blur in openGL” or similar.

yeah I am :smiley: