Car suspension


I am having troubles getting a car suspension working. I have created a car model and tried to get it to work by modifying to use my model. I have also tried to import my model to jmonkeyplatform. With jmonkeyplatform I have got cars with just flip over by them selfs when I press “test vehicle” button. Also the wheels seem to misplace and even turn 180 so that I can’t even see them, because backside of faces are pointing to the camera.

With (with my own model) I get also these problems. Best result I have got is that I have someking of suspension working but the vehicle flips over very easily.

My model and modified can be found from:

What modifications I need to do in order to get properly working suspension and wheels that can be actually seen?


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Unfortunately, I still haven’t had luck getting vehicle working. I recorded a video what shows how I create a vehicle in jmonkeyplatform. Video also shows what happens when I test the vehicle.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? The model itself can be found from

It looks like your vehicles wheel raycast is hitting the collision shape of the car itself, but only in the front.

Suggest you try altering the vehicle collisionshape or move the wheels so that the wheel ray hit the ground first.