Car --->wrong way direction

Hello everybody! In my car racing game I am building, how can car detect the wrong way direction. ANy hints. Thanks in advance!

Make it read the bible maybe, or teach it some buddhism.

@normen you didn’t answer my question…

Yes I did. Bible and buddhism teaches how to stay off the wrong way.

That is not related in programming. I know you know what I mean…

No, how should I? You give absolutely no information. Do you mean if the car goes backwards or drives along the racetrack backwards or just not along the racetrack (also “wrong”)? Given that all your posts have been this sparse in terms of information I really urge you to read (as in read) this document:

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I mean if the car goes return back to the racetrack, it must say ‘wrong way’. If car continuously drive up to finish line the car followed the right way.

Thanks for the answer.

Well easy, make invisible checkpoints.

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Ok. can you give me hint of making that invisible checkpoint? Thanks!