Castle Champions

Hey guys, I wanted to show off what I have been working on lately!

It is going to be a team based multiplayer building and conquering game. You will be on a team, and your job will be to protect your base. You can dig under the enemies castle, or plan a frontal assault. Build arrow towers to protect your base. Become a spy and infiltrate the enemies fortress as one of their own. More details to come!

Menu. NiftyGUI has been pretty awesome easy to use.

Destroying a wall.

Building with teammate.

Attacking enemy player.

Player guarding base.


Good luck, I hope you can complete it! ^^ I’ll look forward into this, as I like games with this idea.

Added trees! Made them myself which I am quite proud of since I suck at modeling and texturing.

I am building a fortress with my teammate in this screenshot.

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Sending you a PM.

Just need to know a few things :slight_smile:


Are you in need of a 3D Modeler?

What would you need and What are your development Goals?

Get back to me :slight_smile:


Something for your Project :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that this is not 100% final - The Textures still need to be applied.