Castle Story Rippoff - Inprogress


As I grew an unbelievable huge fan of the game Castle Story ( I decided to make my own using jme3.

The game has not released anything but a video and some awsome pictures of the game but I know I’m hooked!

I will try to create quite a replica of the game, not for profit, not to steal fame, but for sheer joy of playing it and not having patience to wait another day :stuck_out_tongue:

Full credits to the guy who made the game, I will buy it when it comes out, but I just cant wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Now to my game.

I havnt decided what to call it yet, but something similar to Castle story would be nice.

I’v scribbled down my plan of progress in a very rough list starting with the 3d islands.

They will be randomly created in a 3d array of integers. Each integer is a special blocktype.

Then I will convert that to a ingame created 3d mesh so that I only create visible faces.

Just to lol you all I made a snapshot of the progress down in the latest 20 min :stuck_out_tongue:

As I’m not going to create a special team for this game anyone who can contribute may do so.

To contribute simply post the asset on this thread. If it’s good enough I might use it (no guarantees tho).

But I thought this might be a fun thing to try, not just me making this game, but rather whole jME3 community working as it fits each individual.

I would need nice, cartoony textures of grass, dirt and stone atm. Just like those in the real game.

All who’s contribution will of course be credited :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think of my plan and if there’s anything I’m forgetting.

I’m completely open to suggestions, feedback AND critics. Anything to support my/our game :slight_smile:


Heres a snapshot at a cube world generated by a 2d array.

The boxes are created ingame so that there is no sides inside the model, only on the outside.

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Is this a voxel :D?

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Not sure what voxel really is. My idea is that when you dig into bricks, the verts can only move horizontally.

So if I dig a big in the ground, the verts on the digging face gets lowerd, and once reached the verts bellow, they get deleted…

I want a somewhat controlled modification of the world, dont think it’s completly voxely then right?

I’ve just watched the beginning of the video, and this is not a voxel world engine game. The game have a realistic look, with nice water processor and skybox. Only the builds are made of bricks (not sure if the guys used the voxel method). It could be really nice if you scuplt the terrain in Terrain Editor of the SDK. You should take more info about the game if you are going to do a clone. The game have a forum. You could ask how the blocks are created (voxel?) and how they are diggered. Btw accordling to this image, it sounds it doesn’t touch the blocks’ verticies:

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In the video I think he says that it’s all just bricks like minecraft but they smoothn the terrain top so it looks better. And that’s my idea aswell.

So a brick does not actually physically collide with the ground, to determin it’s position I simply use my 3d grid combined with a ray on the physical world to see where it’s possible to place bricks.

Well, if the guy says it’s like minecraft, then the blocks might be voxels, and voxels have fast performance comparable with boxes.

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Humm… Maybe I’v missunderstood what voxels are…?

I thought voxels is a terrain, a 3d mesh, that’s moddifyable in real time? So all vertices on the voxelmesh can be moved and removed.

Isn’t that what voxels are?

I don’t know. The only think I know is that a world of boxes (not voxels) will freeze the game (low fps).

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Voxels (in the 3d sense) is simply a mesh of the surface of arbitrary objects, in most games boxes. So you have an algorithm that creates such a mesh (or rather multiple to allow partitioning/culling) from your database of boxes. Change the database of boxes and you get a different mesh, creating the illusion of “adding boxes”.

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Ahh okej, well then I have achived a “voxel world” because I do not add boxes really.

I only add nessecary sides to each “box” in the integer array to make it looks like boxes. So theres no sides inside the actual mesh thus making it voxel :slight_smile:

Soon going to add side textures to make the sides stick out more, also making it 3d array.

Probebly gonna be done with that by later tonight :smiley:

EXCITING! :stuck_out_tongue:

an advanced pathfinding i see there.

I never tried to do hard pathfinding. i know only simply algoritms. this unit have to seek a good vector to be to place a block/etc.

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Don’t think it’s going to be too hard pathfinding. I got all “blocks” in a 3d array, and then I can decide if they can walk from one to another by simply checking that the height distance isn’t higher than a certain rate.

I think I’m going with A* as it is the only one I’v done before and succeed with.

But before I go with characters, I must finish the world, and add sky, shading and water.

Please, make the game looking realistic like the link above .

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You meen like the image you posted?

If so then yes, I’m not going to settle for a minecraft looking game. I’m very much a fan of the smooth terrain that Castle Story uses :slight_smile:

You meen like the image you posted?

If so then yes, I’m not going to settle for a minecraft looking game. I’m very much a fan of the smooth terrain that Castle Story uses :slight_smile:

Yeah. And the characters? Do you already have a concept or do you wanna focus on other parts before?

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I’m going to make models just like those bricktrons. As close to a replica as I can :slight_smile:

But yea. It’s stage 3 of the building.

3D world and enviroment comes before that.

Took long time to paint the side grass in gimp. Still didn’t get it even close to good >:(

As I was texturing the sides of the boxes, by simply changing the index of verts and the int[] array called index, i ran into some problems.

Apparently theres no way for me to make the sides NOT appear as if they were stretched.

Dunno why they mess up, and not really sure how to fix that either…

Ohwell, Gota think of that tomorrow, going 2 bed now :slight_smile:


Your texture coordinates look messed up to me. Like the bottom two corners are swapped or something… at least in one of the directions.

Each side is a separate quad, right? Do you use the standard quad or roll your own?

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