Cel Shading on Models

I just started evaluating jME for use in a game I'd like to develop for fun.  My girlfriend is modeling and animating and wanted the models to have a cel shaded look, so she used a material with the texture map embedded to get the effect in 3DS, but the material settings don't seem to be coming through in jME.  I'm loading the model and then loading the texture.  Is there anything further I need to do, or should I just replicate the cel shading effect with VertexProgramState instead of trying to use it from Max?

IMHO you should always use shader programs yourself instead of just relay on an exporter to build them for you in your model. My rationale behind it is that 3DS is only concerned with looks and not performance, but the minute you start writing a game, performance (specially in the graphics card) is crucial. Therefore, an exporter might use some features to improve the looks, or simply do an inefficient implementation. It would not be a problem in 3DS but would be in your game.

Well, that makes sense, duenez.  Thanks for  your reply; I guess I'll have some coding to do tonight.  :smiley: