Center doesn't change after setLocalTranslation

Why when I change set a local translation to a Box or any other Spatial Object I get the same result from getCenter()?

Box box=new Box(“box”,new Vector3f(0,0,0),5,5,5);

BoundingBox bB=new BoundingBox();






int movementY=getLargo();




Yes. The “center” of the box is where the meshes center is in respect to the spatial center. The spatials location does not influence this.

Ok…then how can I move the spatial location?

I’m using this Engine just for 3D Modeling I don’t want to use it to display nothing, well not at this moment, I need to “allocate” boxes inside a container and move them in different directions(down, left, etc) starting from the same position…so I can’t figure out how use this because i always get collisions because the spatial location doesn’t change… :confused:

Edit: Is there a way to get the first Object which an Object collied moving in certain direction at all?

setLocalTranslation(); is the correct method to set a Spatials location. Maybe you want to go through the tutorials even if they are not about what you currently want to do they will surely give you more insight into how jme works.