Chalkboard Adventures: Cross platform game

Today I want to share with you a game I have been working on the last couple of weeks.
I am not 100% sure where the game will be going but I want to use this unique style and I personally like the look.
It is probably going to be a adventure cross platform role playing game in 2D where you control this hero of unknown origin and need to complete some sort of quests.

I open up this topic to show and discuss what I currently have an feel free to share any ideas as I wish to make this game jME3 community driven, if that makes any sense.

Anyways, here is a preview of the current look:


Pretty cool :slight_smile:


I noticed the gameplay doesn’t feel buttery smooth(60fps). What did you do to make it feel like that?

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
@iamcreasy, the reason it looks like that is because I captured the video at 15fps.
Other than that it is smooth as butter… :smile:

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Very cool, I like the style of that game. Looking forward to seeing where this is heading.

Keep it up :smile: