Challenge nr 2 - "Bug Hunter"

Hello fellow jME users!  It is high time we had a new jME contest.  So this is an announcement about our next upcoming contest.  This contest will be about fame, glory and improving jME for everyone.  What are we doing that will accomplish all of that, you ask?  We are going hunting for bugs.  Every bug you find will earn you glory, provide a fix and you get more glory.  Will you be the ultimate jME hunter?

This time there will be prizes for our top three hunters, more on that later.

The judges for this contest are MojoMonkey, myself, llama, irrisor, MrCoder and DarkFrog.

Here are the rules:

Earning GP:

  1. What you are going for here are glory points (GP).  You can get 100GP per bug (well, actually, there is a bit of extra credit that could boost you to 110.)
  2. Each bug entry must be submitted via the bug tracker.  You can find the tracker here:
  3. Once submitted, at least two judges for this contest must approve it as a real bug.  They will do this by adding a note to the bug accepting it as such.  Congrats, you've now earned some GP.  You get 20GP for finding a bug in jme core, 15GP for jmex and 10GP for jmetest bugs.
  4. Approved bugs are then rated by at least two judges (scores are averaged) on a couple of criteria and more GP are handed out (up to 50!):

        a. Description of bug - how well did you test out, describe and provide detail on your bug (0-20GP)

        b. Overall impact - how bad was this bug affecting the code?  (0 - 20GP)

        c. Challenge of finding bug - how hard was it to find this bug?  (0 - 10GP)
  5. If you also provide a code fix for your bug, you earn more points.  You can earn up to a total of 30GP here.  Again, at least two judges will weigh in and the scores will be averaged.  Here's the criteria:

        a. Completeness of fix - Does your fix repair the bug while maintaining the original intended functionality?  (0-15GP)

        b. Performance impact of fix - Does your fix still maintain jME standards for near zero object creation and low frame rate impact?  (0-15GP, weighted by 5a)

    Bonus fix points:

        If you provide a unit test for the code you are fixing that can both show the error and prove it is fixed once your fix is applied, you can earn an additional 10GP!

    Stealing / grabbing GP:

  6. You can earn unawarded GP on someone else's bug (or your own).  For example, if someone only earned 5GP for bug fix completeness, there's 10GP remaining that someone can grab part or all of by providing a more complete fix.  Grabbing points is possible in the following categories: 4a, 5a, 5b and the bonus.
  7. As with all judge decisions, it is completely up to the judges how many points you will receive in a grab and their decisions are final.

    Other rules:

  8. Official jME Developers (the judges) and their family members may not participate, sorry.  :wink:
  9. All bugs and fixes MUST be timestamped between December 1st 12:00am and December31st 11:59 pm GMT or they do not count.  (The contest is being announced now to give you a chance to prepare for it, and this gives the developers some time to finish checking in whatever code they may be currently working on.)
  10. All bug reports must be reported against the CVS version of jME code as of the date you post.

    Some ideas for bugs are performance bottlenecks, bad math class results, card assumptions (like use of GL functionality without testing for compatibility), bleeding of state values, etc.

    The next post in this thread will be used for a running scoreboard.  If you plan to participate, go ahead and announce it in this thread.  Remember once the contest starts (December 1st) to post the actual bugs you find in the bug tracker, not in this thread.

    Oh, so what about the prizes, you ask?  Besides bragging rights for having your name on the top ten list:

    1st place:

      - The forum avatar title "Supreme jME Bug Hunter"

      - jME t-shirt

      - Official jME contest plush monkey

    2nd place:

      - The forum avatar title "jME Bug Hunter No.2"

      - jME t-shirt

      - Official jME contest plush monkey

    3rd place:

      - The forum avatar title "jME Bug Hunter No.3"

      - jME t-shirt

      - Official jME contest plush monkey

    If the contest results are stellar, we've got some other ideas for great prizes to add to the above lists, so impress us.  :)  (Feel free to suggest other reasonable prizes for this or future contests as well if you also plan to participate heavily…)

    Happy hunting!

Top ten hunters:

  1. sfera - 47GP
  2. gokudomatic - 41.5GP  (user name from tracker…  not sure forum name.)
  3. dougnukem - 0GP
  4. FuzzyDuck - 0GP
  5. cananian - 0GP
  6. Gentleman Hal - 0GP
  7. Targ - 0GP
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???

How abouts a few bonus gp for doing wiki and doc entries…

theprism said:

How abouts a few bonus gp for doing wiki and doc entries...

Javadocs are quite necessary sometimes... maybe Contest#3 ?  :D

That could potentially go under 4a.

I think Javadoc should certainly be marked as part of 5a.  So at least the now bug free methods get complete Javadoc.

Also a thought, should unsafe methods that aren't documented be considered bugs?  For example methods that must be called in the GL thread not having that warning in the Javadoc. 

That would certainly help to improve jME, but adding these to the bug tracker seems like a silly idea.  Perhaps 20 points or something could be awarded to people pointing out the missing warning and posting the new improved Javadoc in this (or another) thread?  That would be an easy way for the less savvy people to pick up some easy points (like me  :)).

  • Chris

Hmm, might be hard to balance the point system though if we tried to merge docs and bugs in this contest.  I'd personally suggest another challenge for docs.  On the other hand, if a part of the code is not threadsafe when it should be, that shounds like a potential bug.

Count me in too.  Although I doubt I'll have the time or savvy to pick up many points  :cry:

Are pity points available?  XD

renanse said:

1. Official jME Developers (the judges) and their family members may not participate, sorry.  ;)

sure... they just code the bugs  :D
just make sure you check in enough bugs for enabling enough users to participate :evil:

...such a luck that Quaternion issue is closed. otherwise cananian would have won everything  ;)

… so should i wait until the 1st of December before reporting that the OutlinePass is broken?

…oh wait… there's something wrong about this post…  :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe i'll drop a post every time i check something in so that you know when to go hunting :wink:

don't bother, i'm on the cvs mailing list so i get emails for every checkin  XD

Does this mean you are going to participate?  That would put you on the top 10 in first place with 0GP.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in, this is a perfect chance to really start digging into the internal guts of jME.

yeah i'd like to participate :slight_smile:

Family, job and study aside… sure, I'd love to dig in! XD

Count me in, too.  I don't know how the timing will work out, but I should be able to score at least a few fractional GP by fixing some javadoc typos. :wink:

hehe lol

Pity points… no.  Maybe bribes…  Oops, did I say that out loud? (kidding!!)

Me, me, me !!! I have waited this new contest since a long time !

Count me in too !

I will be the best rabbit in this contest 8)  !