Hi all…

I just completed my first java game using jme3…it is a simple marble maze type…not that wow type.Also not much complexities, functioanlly and programatically both, were involved. And hence it has left me unquenched.

I am now looking to make a new game where I can explore game development extensively and get to indulge in hard-core game programming, involving all sorts of nitty gritty of a 3d game like camera manipulation, motions , physics, terrian and all that stuff.

Of course I would be using jme3.

But am not able to zero-in on a theme.

Can veterans here suggest me, keeping in mind my exposure so far?CHallening, full of learning and of-course do-able.

Please help.

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I guess a networked ego/3rd person shooter can be a good example as you basically know how the result should look like (hence you take that uncertainty of the equation) and you can easily try what it means to add this or that feature from another game after you have built the base.

A top-down game is also easy, but movement is quite the challenge. You must use pythagoras’ theorems and is quite complicated.

Well, complexity of math in a 2D game:


Complexity of math in a 3D game:


So while the math may be tricky in a 2D game it is child’s play compared to 3D. :slight_smile:

hi…does one need to do entire scene creation by modelling with tools like blender or there r other simple means?

i m a one person team after all…

Depends on what game you are making, I guess. Mythruna so far only has one model from blender (so far) and everything else geometry build by code.

Just depends on what you are trying to do and your coding skills.

At any instance you will have to do something to have visuals :wink: If its not modeling its creating the code that does “procedural” models… You’ll never just have JmeSystem.createModelFromMyImagination() :wink:

@normen said:
At any instance you will have to do something to have visuals ;) If its not modeling its creating the code that does "procedural" models... You'll never just have JmeSystem.createModelFromMyImagination() ;)

Though, to the original poster: if you figure out how to write that then please make it a JMP plug-in. :)

you could try a racing game… that would get you introduced to all the coolness of physics… awesomeness of car crashing and, possibly, huge and pretty explosions… (you could add weapons to the cars later on xD)

there’s a vehicle tutorial right here:

and the map you could do using this:

or this,

ohhhhh… the joy of seeing things crash and burn, plus the rush of speed… :wink:

Rock N’ Roll Racing :D.

the Inspiration thread may help you zero in on a theme.

Hi dixel…

in the tutorial in first link provided by you, a class(PhysicsTestHelper) has been used.

But I am not able to locate it.Any idea which jar I can find it in, though I have all jme jars in my class path.


EDIT: The libraly is the “test-data”. You can download it via SVN.

thanka a lot glauco…