Change collisionshape to sphere in Jm3 [SOLVED]

I did notice CollisionShapeFactory has not method for spheres, and also, SphereCollisionShape has no constructor for models like in Jm2.
So how to change the collisionshape to an sphere not knowing an statical size ?

Code :

Spatial asteroid = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/asteroid3/asteroid3.j3o”);
asteroid.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());
error-> SphereCollisionShape asteroidCollisionShape = new SphereCollisionShape( asteroid );
RigidBodyControl asteroidBody = new RigidBodyControl(asteroidCollisionShape, 1);

Check the size of the BoundingSphere and set that to the collision shape?

How to create / get this BoundingSphere ?

As Javac says, SphereCollisionShape expects a radius and you have it on BoundingSphere.

Spatial asteroid = assetManager.loadModel("Models/asteroid3/asteroid3.j3o");
BoundingSphere bounding = new BoundingSphere();
SphereCollisionShape asteroidCollisionShape = new SphereCollisionShape(bounding.getRadius());
RigidBodyControl asteroidBody = new RigidBodyControl(asteroidCollisionShape, 1);

Ooo, I didnt notice this getRadius !
Thanks man !