Change Colour of Panel

For my programm I wanna change the colour of a Panel in my Nifty GUI, while the programm is running. Therefore I need to get access to this Panel per Java-Code.
My problem is, that Panel is none of the controls in de.lessvoid.nifty.controls so I can´t get the Panel with the method “screen.findNiftyControl” .
My Question now is: How can I easily get access to this panel and change the colour? Is there a package in de.lessvoid.nifty with a class “Panel” in it I didn´t see? Or how do I do this the most easiest way?

Thank you for your reply

If it´s important this is the panel whose backgroundColor I wanna change to Yellow:

<panel childLayout=“center” height=“70%” id=“panelMapPictureBackground” width=“70%” backgroundColor="#00000000">


You can find your panel with

To change color, maybe the colorBar effect will be suitable?

Yeah saw this method ( nifty.getCurrentScreen().findElementByName(“panelMapPictureBackground”); ) already, but I didn´t know how to use it for my project, because this method t´returns my panel as an object of the type “Element”. And the class Element doesn´t have a method like “changeColor()”.
But the way to use a colorBar is interesting. How can i use this class to change the Color of my Panel? How does this class work? I looked at Java-Doc, but I didn´t get the right way to use it.

So my Code starts with:

Element panel = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findElementByName(“panelMapPictureBackground”);
ColorBar colorBar = new ColorBar();

and then?

Meanwhile I found a way to change the Color of the Panel easily without ColorBar:

Element panel = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findElementByName(“panelMapPictureBackground”);

Thanks for your help

does Color class have only three Options?
and randomColor(); ?