Change coordinate systems?

I’ve inherited a large pile of models that were built using the left-hand system, and it won’t be easy getting them converted.

How I can rotate a model by 180° when loading? setRotation and setLocalRotation both work, but as soon as I attached a CharacterControl, those rotations are undone. Is there any way to rotate the model (and the animations), before attaching a control and say in effect, ‘no, this is now the front’?

Or, is there any way to do this in the SDK or in the OGRE XML files themselves?


Spatial yourModel…
Node wrapper = new Node();
wrapper.addControl( the control )
…use wrapper instead of yourModel…

Is it possible to import the models into blender and re-export them flipping the up axis? I thought this was an option when exporting using the Ogre exporter. Bit of work, depending on the number of models though.

@pspeed, I must be getting old. That’s one of the first things I would’ve tried under J3D.Thanks!

In my defence, it was 3am, and the washing machine was on fire.

@t0neg0d, They’re Maya models. I don’t have regular access to Maya, and even if I did, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a simple process because Maya.