Change cursor

Hi, I want to change the cursor image but i have some problems.

In my opinion a software cursor is better altough it is slower. (In TestSoftwareMouse the hardware mouse is always faster)

The problem is that I use Nifty GUI and because of this I am not sure what is the right way.

When I use a Picture the mouse disappears behind nifty elements and I have some trouble with shadows:

I tested to change the mouse via nifty but this code doesnt work:

[java]nifty.registerMouseCursor(“hand”, “Interface/Cursor/cursor.png”, 0, 0);


(I read in a 6 month old thread that this is not implemented in jmonkey yet, is this up to date?)

So is the only way to create a nifty image and move it arround? Or made I some mistakes?