Change Default JDK

Hi, everyone. I’ve been trying to put the jMP onto my school computer for a class. I can’t install anything because of the server (it blocks me from being able to install it). So, I put it on my portable hard drive and copyed and pasted it onto this computer. But, the problem is that I can’t get it to work (because it won’t let me change the default JDK). I can’t run command prompt or anything. I got NetBeans to work by modifying the CONF file in the “etc” folder, and I tried doing that to the jMP and it didn’t work… It didn’t do anything. So, does anyone know how I can get it to work?

Heh, by now I hate NetBeans…

(I’m usually an Eclipse user, it’s just I thought it would make things a bit easier if I used the jMP… I guess I was wrong…)

So, thanks!

Yes, you can configure it in etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf , I cant quite think of a reason why it wouldnt work except that you might have more than one jMP installed on the computer?

Well, I was pretty sure there wasn’t… I’ll check it out Tuesday when I get to school. Thanks.

Well if it does load the right JVM when you enter the path, since you just copied it over, maybe theres some user rights problems like it cannot write to its configuration folder etc. I guess its not a good idea doing that… Maybe you can fix it somehow.

Well, I learned that I could install it using the wizard, but I was using the jME Alpha 2 version. I have the jME Alpha 3 version of the installer now, so I’ll try that tomorrow… Thanks.

Hmmmm, so far, nothing has worked… Does it make any difference that the CONF files are complitely different (comparing NetBeans and jMP)? I guess jMP isn’t accessing the CONF file? If I remember correctly, I cut all of the contents of the CONF file, saved it, and tried starting the program, and it did the same thing as usual.

I just wish I could choose the blasted JDK location! Thanks…

As I said, jMP uses the conf file, it works for other people, I dont know why it doesnt for you. Did you install it properly with the installer now?

Yeah… I tried everything I could think of to try to make it work. I guess NetBeans just hates me, so I’m going to try to put it into Eclipse… Where would the trunk file (if it’s there) be located?

I tried using the source ZIP folder in Eclipse, and with most things it can start up (get the little jMonkeyEngine screen on there) but it can’t continue… So yes, if there’s a trunk file location thing (like with jME2 on Google Code), then it would be much appreciated if I could get the location of it…

Thanks for the help.

I dont know what a trunk file location thing is but theres a manual on how to set up jME3 in eclipse in the wiki.

Ahhh… Okay, thanks! lol, took me a bit to find the wiki (there’s only one link that I could find), but I found it. Thanks!

Funny that the biggest eclipse fans are those who fail to add some jar libraries to their project xD

lol… yeah :slight_smile: