Change the collision area


How can I increase or decrease

I don't understand.

You might not understand because its a stupid question of mine…

How can I set the BaundingVolume of an object???

I cannot change the "bound" that envolves the objects of my game… 

Setting the bounding volume involves picking the type of bounding first of all (box, sphere or obb). Then setting it to the Geometry as the model bounds. You can have the system set the values of the bounding for you if you wish:

myModel.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());

myModel.updateModelBound(); //fills the values of its bounding volume.

However, I'm guessing you want a bounding volume that is larger than the model? For, say, allowing a bit of error when trying to shoot an object? To do this you'd need to know how big you want the bounding. So let's say I want to surround an object with a sphere that is 10 units (maybe the object is only 7 units wide, but I want a 3 unit error).

BoundingSphere bs = new BoundingSphere();

bs.setCenter(new Vector3f(0,0,0));


myModel.setModelBound(bs); //DO NOT call updateModelBound

Is that what you were thinking?

Thx so much !!!  XD