Change to AbsoluteMouse now in CVS

A small change was made to AbsoluteMouse. The default for "using delta" is changed to false. What does this mean for users?

Well, nothing for most of you, since it should work exactly the same. Some of you might have been having issues though, with wrong mousecoordinates (eg. in JMEDesktop) after resizing or recreating the render window for example. Previously like these could be solved (most of the time) by invoking setUsingDelta(false) (as in irrisor's examples) but since not everyone did that… here you go.

If anyone is experiencing problems with AbsoluteMouse after updating CVS though, please let me know here.

I just noticed this topic and Im still having problems after cvs update

the mouse disappears after program start. mud2005 seems to confirm this issue (in the other thread).

see TestAbsoluteMouse for a sample.

Confirmed. Due to the change irrosor made mentioned in that thread you mention. Trying a fix…

edit: fix checked in now.

Thanks Llama, I should have tested it. I thought I can rely on the IDEs refactorings but obviously I can't :frowning: