Changes. Development

Hello everybody. So I want to introduce the game. It is in early development and kinda raw. But after creating small video I thought I should share it with other developers and, of course, to thank the community. At first, great creators of engine. You have created such good engine and folks could have fun making interesting stuff. At second, contributors, I have used a lot of things in my game (like T0neg0d GUI, pspeed’s trees, Sprite Library, SkyControl and Voxel Terrain System). At third, all other users. Usually I just prowling through forum, and finding good answers on non-trivial(and trivial xD) issues.
I began developing in march. And for now, I think I reached quite pretty results. Well, Changes:

This game is (planned to be) a simulator of living in Europe in the ~6-10 century with roleplay and some fantasy (based on folklore and beliefs). So you can be a barbarian, chief, horse-stealer, knight, thug from steppe, village witch and many more. Adapt to the changing and cruel world: create new recipes, dogmas, unite chiefdomos against common enemy. In fact, I want to make roleplay, not just RPG but real roleplay more open and interesting to people. :blush:
Also I have posted some boring articles on IndieDB. If you are interested you could read it.

Maybe I am going to post later some achievments. Also, feel free to ask questions and discuss.


This game reminds me a little bit to RisingWorld.
But it looks nice so far! Keep going :grinning:

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Thanks! Yes, from some point of view it has something in common, but just for now and on this video. It will be much more oriented on roleplay and online gaming than on mining

This topic is not forgotten! We made some video showcase. It is almost the end of the year so it is funny compare results with the first video.

Available with Spanish and Russian subs. And video is a mix of showcase + reworked conception.
Also, please, check out game’s small website


Oh my god, have a look at 2:21 this is for 18+ people only :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry! I didn’t think about it :smiley: .