Changes in new JME Version


I have recently changed from JME3 stable alpha 4 to new JME Version. I can not visualize my scenes any more. I recognized following changes…

In render queue




no lastDistance in light anymore. If I start my application, the bitmap text is displayed but if I add spatials, I see a white background.

Is there anything special I have to consider?

Thanks a lot.



its renderManager.render(tpf, context.isRenderable());

By the way, is there an overview of the changes from jme2 to 3?

The background of this question is, that there are some good tutorials for jme2. I know about the tutorials of jme3 but what I miss is a somewhat complete tutorial for a project. I am new to game developing and especially Java in general and would like to try a tutorial of a complete project to lean the workflow and everything around it. I find that easier than having single tutorials about single features but have to figure out how to glue everything together into a whole project.

No, there’s no such overview. Really your best bet is just go to through the beginner tutorials:

And see what the differences are for yourself.

Once you know those then you can move onto bigger matters like structuring a jME3 project, in that case you can go into the advanced tutorials and in particular the application states tutorial which is crucial for large projects: