Changing Default Device Image and Name

Hi there,

It’s BigBob again with my final android related questions for my application (hopefully)

I’m wondering how I set the image for my application as it appears on my device, currently it is the little green android robot.

Also, on the device the game is called MyGame, where is this name determined?

Thanks for reading!

Any help is appreciated


I see nothing about the apk’s icon, but assume that someone here knows :wink:


Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: Now I just need that pesky android robot to go away

you can change the icon, by adding an image to the drawable folder (create it if it doesn’t exist). Then add android:icon="@drawable/iconName" inside the <Application> tag in the AndroidManifest.xml

I’ve found the AndroidManifest.xml but it doesn’t seem like I have the drawable folder. Can you tell me where I can find this or where I should be creating this, perhaps project assets?

Create it in the Resources folder in the mobile project