Changing jME source


I’m trying to test a change in the jME source.
I checked out the whole project via sdk, opened the engine, modified the source and saved it.
When I built and ran the SDK however, nothing changed.
A look at the libraries revealed, that somehow there was still the old source in place.

Do I have to somehow move the new engine source to the library or something?

I couldn’t find any info on how to do it.
Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to build the whole SDK or just the core engine?

For the core engine, I just rebuild the project and then point my other project at those jars instead of the ones included by default in the SDK.

For the whole SDK, I have no idea as I’ve never done it.

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thanks, I’ll try it that way

@Pspeed is correct that you can test many changes just by building the core engine (run-time libraries).

I found the following wiki page to be helpful for building the whole SDK:

And this one explains how to build the core engine using a command-line and ANT:

For building the core engine in the IDE or NetBeans, the following link is more helpful:

Good luck!

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Thanks you two.

I finally figured it out xD
My problem was that when I looked at the source of the libraries, the old source was displayed, even tough I had changed the librarys path (I forgot to change the source path too).
So I thought it wasn’t replaced even tough it was.

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