Changing scenes

The application im doing had scene changes - the user might want to view their inventory or their world map or feast on some other exciting scene.

There are many scenes that will need to be switched, some will be display and then dump, so will be displayed and then returned to.

For instance warcraft 3 - bounding over the land ( scene 1 )- then pop into the shop ( scene 2 ) then back to the land ( scene 1)

The land should be preserved, but the shop totally dumped.


a> is there a way to preserve buffers for speed ( in the scenario from switching from

I would investigate GameState to see if that is what you need. There is a test for it that might show you what you can do.

Thanks for that - it looks like GameStateManager will store the state for me.

Im actually tempted to use it to load up slow loading scenes, playing an avi or something for that smooth user experience until the scene is loaded.

Im still uncomfortable with b> and how to clean up - if a node is garbage collected, will all the textures be correctly unloaded from the graphics card ???, will all the children with weak refernces also be collected ??. Im looking to reuse the canvas and applying nodes from a  scene controller object

mojo would you consider including this as chapter 22 of flagrush…if its not too much trouble that is :// :slight_smile:

Yep, i can do that… now, to just write chapter 6. I kind of stalled out there.