Changing texture path of native Models?


I'm curious about the jme native models at the moment and about their texture paths…

let me explain my problem: I have several normal exported 3d models, which are converted into *.jme files with a tool i wrote.

In it they get a CullState and some other things i need in my game.

But in the *.jmes the texture location of the models is set, and i think it's not a relative but an absolute path.

When I now copy the *.jme and the textures into the location of my game, it would be beautifull to simply say: "textures? look there, in that folder!"

is it possible to change the Texture path of the BinaryImporter?

or what is the best solution for that problem?

Thanks for your help,


hey…that works :slight_smile:

many thanks for that quick response!

I've solved that with this code:

try {
                   new SimpleResourceLocator(ResourceManager.class
       } catch (URISyntaxException e1) {
          System.out.println("Erro ao definir diret