Changing textures

I'm having a problem regarding textures.

The situation is: I have a Node and, within it, a TriMesh. I inicially attached a texutre to one face of this mesh, and that is working fine. The problem is, I wanted to change the texture during execution. I tried using the "setRenderState()" function on the mesh, with another image, but the initial texutre doesn't change! It's like this (keyMeshes[0][0] is the mesh i'm trying to change):

TextureState texSt = display.getRenderer().createTextureState();
URL texLoc = keyboard.class.getClassLoader().getResource("new_texture.png");
Texture tex = TextureManager.loadTexture(texLoc, Texture.MM_LINEAR,Texture.FM_LINEAR);

Any ideas???
Thanks in advance!

Did you call updateRenderstates after?

oh, that was it!

Thanks!!  :wink: