Changing the dimensions of object in blender does not change them in jMonkey


I’m facing an issues to export import Orge XML models in jMonkey. I’m starting with a blender start cube and after selecting the whole cube I export it as orge XML, it works fine however when I scale the object in blender, and reexport the model (after deleting the previous model from jMonkey), it load the cube with the same size.

Basically I’m conducting this experiment to determine what size in blender (BU) will corresponding to my size requirement for models so that I can instruct my mesh editors to make models of that BU size. Please advice if someone knows this

I’m loading the model using
[java] models[22] = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Cube/Cube.j3o”);
models[22].setLocalTranslation(0f, 7f, 7f);[/java]

Hi Simar,

I’m not sure but there is a difference between Local scaling and world scaling in blender.

1°) Try to scale your model using the Object Mode
2°) Try to scale your model using the Edit Mode
3°) Maybe you can’t see that your model is in fact bigger than the previous one cause you have nothing to see the difference between them. Try to load two models instead of one.

(If my answer don’t work wait for someone with more knowledge about this situation)

Make sure you apply all the transforms/modifiers/etc on the blender model as well.

@stomrage said: 2°) Try to scale your model using the Edit Mode

I’m pretty sure this is the approach you’ll want to take by default. Otherwise, any armature animations will get all sorts of yucky. Even if the model doesn’t have keyframed animations, it’s a good habit to get into. Also, apply them as local scaling (as also suggested in this response!).

Uh… this is assuming that you are not using modifiers… otherwise, what @zarch said would solve the the issue.

Select the object.


Nevermind me, i was answering something completely different.
Might still be useful to know though, in case armatures look messed up when importing them, either scale wise or rotational. Clearing scale/rotation etc is a good way to get back to zero state.