Character Animation and Asset

Hello, I’m new.

There is an example with a walking people that user can move with keyboard?
There is a bundled asset (or free) 3d model with animation of walking people?

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Since you are new, follow the beginners tutorial like everybody should do and you’ll be ready for the show.

Btw afonsolage, it’s ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing). And, are you portuguese/brazilian?

@Ev1lbl0w: RALF ! yes I think he is brazilian :smile:

I know, it was just a typo… Yes, I do.

Cool! Already three! @Ev1lbl0w, @afonsolage and @wagfeliz! Go brazilian team! XD

Thank you all

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I built my program with JME using builtin Ninja model but there is a model more “normal” ? No ninja, monster, etc… normal people.

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What about updating included asset pack with “normal people” character?
Anyone has an animated model that can share?

If there’s no desire to update the core JME asset library, I could see that an additional asset pack by other developers might be a great thing to have available.

As for sharing models, there’s a lot of regular models available on Blendswap and other website. Just make sure they have an appropriate license.

One thing are 3d models another are 3d character with animation, textures, etc… ready to use with JME

There was an asset pack called “WorldForge” that had a human model but until now the web guys didn’t manage to set up the asset packs again.

Thank you normen, from where can I download WorldForge asset pack?

Before, there were some asset packs (i think 3) in the assetPackExplorer. However, now they are not available. I think their server went down. So, yeah, I think you should visit blendswap.

Not exactly “ready” as you like it, but “give man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach man to fish…”:

Yeah but why reinvent wheel every time? A good standard asset could be useful for a lot of users.

Hey, why don’t you provide it? If the web guys had set up the asset pack support again you could even upload your own asset pack with all the stuff you think is needed. Why you? Because of all the arguments you bring forth.

I don’t think that a lot of developers would like to use an asset of which they know that it is also a part of many other games made with JME. And I also think that most of the models are too game specific to provide general models if you don’t have a complete asset store like Unity has which simply is not doable with a small free time team. And there’s some free models in the internet as other people also pointed out.

The standard Ogre/Ninja models are good enough for testing purposes imho.

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