Character Apperance Customizing / Weapon / Armors/ Attachment Points

hi, i would like to do what every rpg does, split my main model into smaller and allow the user to choose his “parts”.

Questions :

  1. ok i break the model into smaller ones, does the connective point (where the 2 parts merge) have to have the same number of vertices ? the vertices in the same position ?

  2. i watched . Can Jme combine the 2 meshes and remove holes with target wielding if they have the same number of vertices ?

  3. Attachment Points: e.g attaching a helmet in the head attachment points. Here we dont need to Weld / combine, just need to find the position of the attachment point. So how do i define this “Attachment points” in blender? Are they bones ? or can blender export any other helper symbol to help me get Position of the attachment points?

    thank you,

you can switch between models

by make 2 parts into one model in 3d max and

when you need to merge it in run time change 2 parts by the merged one :slight_smile:

hi, i am reporting my progress :

I can sucessfully Break them / Combine them in 3d studio max but :

  1. If i use Attach and weld them afterwords the exported model is 1, therefore the user wont be able to change body parts.
  2. if i export them as multiple objects (without attach), i can :

    a) export them with holes so jme can weld them. is there any class to weld vertices in jme? in that case will i have problems with the U-v maps and

    textures of the combined mesh ?

    b) export them without holes (then it will look worse than a truly connected mesh).
b) export them without holes (then it will look worse than a truly connected mesh).

Really? Because of lighting or what? Do you have pictures? I would think that if you have the vertices weighted the same so they are in the same position, you wouldn't be able to tell. I think that's what games like Oblivion do. The other issue is finding how to associate different meshes to the same skeleton.

reporting my progress :

2a) i made them with holes without welding them, the wholes cannot be seen by the eye because each body part covers the other’s hole.

Dont know if those holes will cause animation problems, maybe i will use cap holes.

2b) 2 meshes will be in the same position, wont this cause z-fighting ?

Only solution I’v found to this is to make two armatures.

One for the character and the same, but another copy, to the helmet.

Then import helmet with skeleton just as you imported character with the skeleton.

Thats the only solution I’v found to this problem…