Character creation / animation


"He left you to do it"?

He WAS my teacher but quit his job and left the school to develop it.

Mm, and it seemed like spore was going to become a good game :confused:

It looks amazing!

Hi all,

I'm looking to do something just like this too, maybe a little simpler - basically implement the avatar creation just like is done in Wii Sports.

I'm completely new to jMonkey, has anyone given this character creation a try?


There may be a way…

But it isn’t in-program all the time.

You could start with a base mesh (say, a human, you would need one for a male, another for a female) and build out all the maximum values that you want. then, you take another copy of the base mesh, and build out all the minimum values that you want (extremely fat/extremely thin etc.)

In Blender, there is a possibility to connect two meshes with the same “basis” and make some kind of “transformation-animation” (there was a tutorial on with a werewolf transformation, if my memory’s right)

And since you can start/stop exported animations at any given frame in the engine, you could say, “hey, i want to be veeeery fat” and let the fat-thin-animation “freeze” at frame 255. Just as example.

Since it is possible to combine Animations, it shouldn’t really change your other animations, like running and the like, but you really should avoid to make him so fat that his running animation must be changed (for example, if the fat hinders his feet)

Of course, that’s really a big amount of work, but if your character’s topology is right, and your animations run smooth, you won’t have to design any other characters in game (and that would give you time to concentrate on things like mimics or gameplay or something else). I would only recommend this method if you really want it and/or if your game has a lot of humans or human-like creatures running around.

PS: Here’s the link to the tutorial:

EDIT: AAANND i just realised this topic is like 2 years old^^ but maybe someone else is interested in this topic? maybe?

Yeah this is similar to the way I was considering however My way used shapeKeys -which isn’t supported by jME now.- and would mean their would be a need of a way to create a low poly mesh or would have to be done manually.

But wouldn’t the animations change the characters Physique regardless as I think bones are a list of verts and not instead a physical object that verts are mapped to like in blender.