Character Creation

So I pick up the JME a few months ago and started reading up and learning 3d modeling and the like. So I know the struggles it will take to learn everything. So I was able to grab a few friends who know something about audio and a friend who is a decent graphics artists.

So I sat down and wrote up a concept document and started digging into programming the basics for the game I want to create.

So I grabbed the tonegodgui, as a UI, which is godly to say the least. And the issue I’m running into is character creation, I know I need to model out a default character (male and female), and hair styles and such, but as far as deformation, to change the character model to add detail. I’m lost, and I looked at various videos and tutorials based on changing the color of a shaded object. But I need a bit more information, if any can be offered.

one way to do it would swap the geometry / texture, while the players it scolling through the possibilities you offer. No sure if it’s the best approach.

I’ve had a brief play with it before. And for “deformation”, I just scaled a bone. Putting a few bones around a face, you can scale the nose, ears, cheeks etc so the user can change it, or you even create randomly generated character from them.

Hmm, scaling bones to change physical features. That does sound like a great idea. I’ll have to look into rigging up models and determining the amount of bones needed in a single model, that will be good for determining good character creation.