Character creation


I was just wandering if I had a game where you can make your own character at the beginning by choosing different heads bodies skin colour ect… whats the best way to do this. Could I actually use a skin and bones based model as how would you change the head even if it was a different group. could you make the new head join perfectly and keep all animations. for simple effects I guess you just change the texture map but where the new part was a different shape you would have different model parts to interchange. I dont really want to have to have al the body parts as seperate models that dont actally join.


I've seen it done by using multiple skin mesh objects on a single skeleton.  Our resident forum artist snaga might have more to say about the topic if he is watching.

"I've seen it done by using multiple skin mesh objects on a single skeleton"

Of course, you can do that instead of importing the vertex animation of every part and then doing the puzzle keeping well the each animation with corresponding animation. If you meant having an animated skeleton imported in code, and the artist then does not care so much, just model the parts and try them would match averagely in  most cases…Here I see the problem of "no melt" like quake 3 engine does. Again, seems is an engine feature, more than other thing…neverwinter knights surely did renanse method…a key thing is…parts wih same color of texture, well done, and one part buried in the other, will do visually the deal somewhat better…but can be very noticeable in several cases. Distance to the camera is crucial here. very far away camera, from 45