Character editor :?

I have no idea how to do the following:

  • I want a character editor where you can provide features such as hair color, height, fat, muscle, and some other basics like many of today's games.

  • I want to turn the character to wear clothing and change clothing.

    I'd like to do this and leave it as open source, but I want to help me with some ideas how I can start.

    I thought I'd edit the xml export to ogre, and reloading the model, but still do not know how to do with the animation, any suggestions?  :?

    more or less something like




If you want to do it the "right" jme way you should use the internal jme binary or xml format. That is the only way to store all jme-related information properly.

Conversion from and to ogrexml will not keep all of the information about your model and is also overhead that should not be generated in a production game.

Hope this helps,


The question is once you got the character setup, what then? It makes no sense to

ask questions about character-editors before you got familiar with jME and it's animation-system

and assets-pipeline.

Start with small samples e.g. the ninja-animation demo, try to export your

own character, understand what is behind that, and sooner or later you are able to answer that

question on your own.

I have a question, can I assign an animation to two mesh?

You can assign an animation to as many meshes as you want, but you cannot dynamically add/remove skins from a skeletal animation (yet).

May be you want something like makehuman (or poser), export the result in something like blender and tweak it.

The weakness of both makehuman and poser i the result is too much high poly, but makehuman is opensource and may be you can customize it.

Bye, Berserk.