Character,object useful for game

Hallo I’m developing a game and I need many object for it, anyone can advise me where I can download free characters with animation that I can use like: oto and sinbad, compatible with jme3 ??

first of all u need working game, and just then fill it with data. or do u already have working game?

and here u can find some stuff



ok, I’m learning to use jme3 with oto and sinbad, I’ve a question that is in my mind in the beginning : I use oto and I understand that for use in all way, I must have this file oto.j3m, oto.jpg , oto.material , oto.mesh.xml,oto.skeleton.xml but I watch that there are many type of format like obj ecc. What format character I must download ?and, what I can do for using it in a simple way like oto with animation? Please explain me clearly I’m confused :frowning:

Try the tutorials.

For example they have things like this:jME SDK Usecase Demo 2 - YouTube


and this:

and even this:

thanks :slight_smile: