Character with more than 1 mesh and no texture

Hey guys!

Look, I’m new in jmonkey and Blender, but I’ve learning a lot in the last weeks. I’m having some problems with the texture in jMonkey.
That’s what happening:

I have a player with an uniform that I plan to put in my Android. The player has one mesh. The shirt, the shoes and the shorts have other separated mesh each one. (total: 4 meshes and 4 materials in my character).

The character has a simple animation “run”, and it’s working fine. But the real problem is with the textures. I have 4 materials and each material has one texture.

In Blender, the character is like this:

Ok. It’s the character with 4 different meshs, 4 different materials e 4 different textures. When I export to jMonkey (with OGRE3D plugin) everything is separated and I can just put the player to run.
The shirt, shorts and shoes doesn’t enter in the game when I use this line:

[java]player = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/pet.mesh.j3o”);
player.rotate(1.58f,0,0); // if I don’t put this line, the character appears lying on the floor.[/java]

And the player is like this:

After that, in Blender, I decided to unify the materials pressing CTRL J with all the materials selected (and the body been selected as last). I export to jMonkey and the character has the uniform now, but without texture:

Now all the stuff is been animated when the body moves, but I don’t know how to apply the texture to the shirt, shoes and shorts.

Can someone help? :expressionless: