CharacterContol Location

How do I set a CharacterControl’s location relative to my model(Node)?

Your questions is very ultra vague. Have you read the wiki? Also, read this, it’ll help you to get answered.

It’s not vague at all… My question was simple. Try reading it again it might help.

But what I was looking for was BetterCharacterControl.

Try reading it again? You wrote a question with a single line. It won’t take 2 sec to read.


Well what’s troubling you about it? Maybe I can help you understand.
Where do you get confused?

I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly sure what you were asking either. It’s usually a good idea to explain why you want to do a thing because often that is the clue to interpreting the question. Also, when it’s a question no one is ever asking it may help short circuit a whole conversation.

I wrote about this phenomenon in joke-fashion here once:

More info is always better.

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Yeah I avoided answering it because really you’d set your models position relative to the control, which achieved the same but I doubted anyone would make a thread for that.

Okay, okay. I just don’t get why people need to be like that. Just let me know that it wasn’t clear without being a ****. I always read the wiki and comb through the source code.

Anyways, my issue was that the Capsule collider had the origin at (0, 0, 0) and the model was at (0, .5, 0) So the was model offset up.

This was resolved using the BetterCharacterControl.

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Now I was able to understand.

It’s usually a good idea to have your model root at (0,0,0).
That’s usually “where the feet touch the ground”. :chimpanzee_smile:

Things are different if you use physics - then you will want to define your center of mass (which is usually at the bounding shape’s center - but not necessarily, e.g. a Tesla car has a very low center of mass due to the many batteries under the seats of driver and passengers). And for oddly distributed mass elements (e.g. a throwing axe is heavier where the iron head is) then you might want to calculate the inertia tensor via 3D integral over all mass elements (i.e. mass spheres containing same mass but having different radius depending on material like wood or iron). :chimpanzee_cool:

My models feet are touching (0,0,0) not the center. That’s where the issue arose.