CharacterControl collisions with GhostControl

I’ve got a player CharacterControl and a few NPC CharacterControl characters walking around in a scene and benefiting from the advantages of using CharacterControl except that they walk right through each other. I’ve seen a lot of people say that what I need is a GhostControl but I’m having a hard time making this work and I’m wondering if it even applies to what I’m trying to do.
When I set a GhostControl on any character, they immediately fly away. I think it’s because the GhostControl and the CharacterControl overlap (They’re on the same Spatial) and the physics causes them to spaz out. I also tried using a CollisionListener but it was not detecting collisions with my NPCs, only the player and environment.

When I don’t add the CharacterControl to a character (or just don’t add it to the physics space) and I just have the GhostControl, they no longer walk through each other, but they also no longer move or do anything or get any of the other benefits of a CharacterControl.

Can anyone tell me what I can do to make this work? Thanks.

Check out the BetterCharacterControl which will collide with each other

Is that an un-official class slated for future release? I don’t currently have it in my sdk but I saw that it’s in the repo.

Its an official class to replace CharacterControl. it’s in the nightly release

I think I’d rather stay away from the nightly release stuff if I can. Does anyone know when BetterCharacterControl will make its way into trunk?

Most likely in the next release - which will be the full 3.0 release that’s coming soon[tm].