CharacterControl collisionshape problems

I’m trying to implement kind of an enemy in my little application, using the CharacterControl class but there are some problems.

I want to change the collision shape of the charactercontrol class with setCollisionShape(); but it doesnt show any change. heres a screenshot:

the object is falling correctly, the distance to the ground fits to the collision shape I made in the constructor, but changing it afterwards doesnt work. any ideas?

Just create a new character control, its kind of special in how it uses its collision shapes.

how should I do this? what if I need to load the spatial first and then set the collisionshape and the CharacterControl is already created?

setting the collisionshape afterwards would work if I use an empty constructor, but there isnt any setStepHeight method, so I can set this only in the constructor. the character is also just floating on the ground without stopping, even if I press a key only once.

I want to set the collisionshape depending on the spatial for this CharacterControl, but the damn super() constructor need to be called bevor any other code, so it doesnt work for me.

So whats the issue? You have a CharacterControl constructor that takes a CollisionShape and you can create collision shapes…?