CharacterControl Gravity

I’ve seen a lot of threads on gravity for CharacterControl, and so while I’d like to think of done my research and thoroughly looked before posting, I may be mistaken, so please excuse me if this question was answered and I didn’t see it.

So, the problem here is setGravity(float). I’ve tried using it before adding the control to the physics space and after adding the physics space. The object is created with the control and everything, but it’s just the attributes like gravity that don’t seem to work. Actually, scratch that. Testing gravity for 0 and negative numbers works nicely; the object doesn’t move or starts moving upwards, respectively. The only problem is that positive values other than extremely large ones (like, 300+) make no difference–the object falls at the same rate. If I want it to fall slowly, shouldn’t setting gravity to, mm, something like 0.5 do the trick?

theres also [java]characterControl.setFallSpeed ();[/java]

Oh, yeah, I know. That, gravity and jumpSpeed are the attributes for CharacterControl. And the same thing occurs with fallSpeed (except in the negative. Not sure what that should do anyway).

Here is where I use them:

[java]private void setupCharacterControl(){
character = new CapsuleCollisionShape(extent.getZ()+0.2f, extent.getY()+0.1f, 1);
player = new CharacterControl(character,0.1f);


This piece of code would go in my constructor for a player, so when the constructor is called, this method gets called after the member variables have been set.