CharacterControl keeps falling trough terrainlevel


I have a terrain with a CharacterControl player, however the player keeps falling through the level.

I tried setting the accuracy from the physicsspace but no luck.

It seems it start occurring (it worked at first) when I introduced a RigidControl car (that falls from the sky) but I cant get my head around it.

Any hints for my situation?

Thanks, Kajos

Which part concerns the player falling through the ground? just normal walking, or something to do with the vehicle?

At the moment, it’s falling out of the sky and never touching ground (falls through). When I remove the car, the player touches ground and then soon while walking falls through.

I’m wondering if other people implement their own collisiondetection, 'cause I might do that if that saves me the time (and gives me stability).

It’s a semi 3D game anyway (GTA clone) XD

How are you moving the character? You should only move it by setting the walkDirection, not by using setLocalTanslation() move() or similar.

Are you using a terraMonkey terrain? maybe your player starting location is a bit to far above the +y when dropping and then falls through the ground?

Ah damnit, I removed the PhysicsLocation of the character. Apparently that messed it up. Funny though cause the object following the character still had gravity etc. , but I guess the character still needed the physicslocation (?).

I’m on continue testing with the vehicle.