CharacterControl & Slope Rotation

Hey all,

I see CharacterControls always stick straight up… is there a way to modify this behavior, or at least make the geometry appear to be matching the slope like so:

I could have the CharacterControl control a node, which is the parent of the geometry node, which gets rotated based on the slope the character is standing on. However, how do I know what the slope is? The CharacterControl must know the slope, since it calculates whether the object should be treated as an obstacle or not (e.g. setMaxSlope())

Any suggestions? Thank you!

When did you ever see a human sticking straight out from a slope like that in real life? Even trees and suchlike grow out vertically…

A car might I guess but that’s a different scenario as they have 4 points of contact.

I just used a stickfigure as a reference object for the image. Contrary to your belief, I do have a use for this and I’d appreciate any help in finding a way to do it.

Do your own character using rays.

Yeah, looks like I will have to give up on CharacterControl :frowning:

@phr00t said:
Yeah, looks like I will have to give up on CharacterControl :(

That's what I concluded long ago. It its just an obstacle for other physics objects.